Troubleshooting steps for PHP

A good first step to debug SDK issues is using the logger option. For your convenience, the SDK ships with two implementations, DebugFileLogger and DebugStdOutLogger.

    'logger' => new \Sentry\Logger\DebugFileLogger('/path/to/your/logfile.log'),

// or

    'logger' => new \Sentry\Logger\DebugStdOutLogger(),

The produced output will look something like this:

sentry/sentry: [debug] The "Sentry\Integration\ExceptionListenerIntegration, Sentry\Integration\ErrorListenerIntegration, Sentry\Integration\FatalErrorListenerIntegration, Sentry\Integration\RequestIntegration, Sentry\Integration\TransactionIntegration, Sentry\Integration\FrameContextifierIntegration, Sentry\Integration\EnvironmentIntegration, Sentry\Integration\ModulesIntegration" integration(s) have been installed.
sentry/sentry: [info] Transaction [e2919a7b0f954478b6994c7282b060de] was started and sampled, decided by config:traces_sample_rate.
sentry/sentry: [info] Transaction [e2919a7b0f954478b6994c7282b060de] started profiling because it was sampled.
sentry/sentry: [info] Sending transaction [59390dc9dd934c0290d8cdc7a589da82] to [project:1].
sentry/sentry: [warning] The profile does not contain enough samples, the profile will be discarded.
sentry/sentry: [info] Sent transaction [59390dc9dd934c0290d8cdc7a589da82] to [project:1]. Result: "success" (status: 200).

This is caused by the PHP configuration. PHP 7.4 introduced a new .ini setting, zend.exception_ignore_args, that will ignore stack trace arguments. Check your .ini file to ensure this setting is set to Off or 0.

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